Recently, an audiobook based on my novella “Talons” was published to Audible and iTunes. And if you know nothing about it, that’s what this post’s about!

The blurb for the audiobook:

In Milwaukee, Wisconsin, an immortal beast re-emerges from time forgotten to confront the chief of police with a simple request: Help him back into society in exchange for his expertise with criminal investigations. However, before the creature has the opportunity to make his existence known to the world, he stumbles upon a murder, and must protect the only two witnesses, a single mother and her young son, from the murderer until the trial. Will his beast prevent him from showing the world that he’s still human inside?

It’s read by veteran Hollywood actor Michael C. Gwynne, and if you love men with deep voices, you’ll get two-and-a-half hours of Mr. Gwynne portraying the titular lizardman character telling his story of how he tried to come back to society after centuries of hiding.

So why should you care? Well, I’m willing to give this to you for free.

First, if you haven’t gotten an Audible account yet, you can go to the links below (depending on the appropriate store for you):





Second, register your free trial account.

Third, make sure my audiobook Talons is your first purchase with this new account. You get it completely for free, and you get to keep it even if you choose to cancel your free membership (but Audible is really worth the money if you enjoy audiobooks at all, so keep it for a while!)

Fourth, give it a listen, and if you wouldn’t mind, provide honest feedback on Audible about the audiobook.

If you don’t have an Audible account, and you do not want to get one, you can still purchase the audiobook from Amazon or iTunes.


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Thank you for reading!